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“Debra Halprin is a Work of Art.  You have seen many testimonials of her skill in photographing, balancing color reproduction, and delivering the highest quality reasonably priced giclée reproductions of artwork – all true.  Debbie will work closely with you to ensure your artistic intent shines through.  But Debbie is also an outstanding and award winning artist in her own right. Her portrait, pet and estate commissions are wonderful and Debbie can always be trusted to deliver.  An example below is an estate oil painting commission she did for us for a family gift."

Barrie Ripin, Artist - www.Bripin.daportfolio.com

“Debra Halprin is a talented artist and a skilled technician with a remarkable eye for color and composition.  Her interest in the artistic achievements of others is evidenced in her willingness, knowledge and ability to reproduce their original art work into spectacular gicleée prints.  I thank you so much, Debra, for your competence, friendship and promotion of my art.  Your genuine and positive critique of my work gave me the confidence to "reach for the stars".  For this I am grateful.”

Carol Carpenter, Artist - www.carpenterfineart.com

”I couldn’t recommend Debra high enough for photographing and tweaking artwork for reproduction. Her artistic abilities on the computer to enhance artwork and the quality of her reproductions are the best available. She is a truly gifted artist with a wonderful eye, great turn around and very fair pricing. She’s the best! Period.”

Cory Correll, Adjunct Professor, Montgomery College  & Freelance illustrator

"I am consistently impressed with Debra's commitment to quality. It is more than reassuring to know that I am putting my hard work into the hands of another artist who takes every step to insure a perfect outcome. Debra's warm personality makes it a pleasure to work with her every time."

Elyse Harrison, Artist - www.elyseharrisonart.com

“I have depended on Debra Halprin for all reproductions of my work for several years, and she has always exceeded my expectations. She is professional, considerate and offers so many options to her clients. As an artist herself, she is committed to the highest possible level of fine art reproduction. Best of all, her prices are the best around!”

Julie Smith, Artist - www.juliesmitharts.com

"Finding someone to make giclées of my work was not an easy task. I wanted to make sure my art work was well represented on the print. I wanted someone who would take the time to work out the color sequences, etc., and check with me if I was satisfied ....and then I found Debra Halprin, a professional artist herself, who genuinely cares how my work as reproduced.  She is amazing!"

Nancy Ann Jung, Artist, Instructor - nancyannjung@gmail.com

“I'm so pleased with the prints.  I am taking them to my reception tonight to let my friends see how beautiful they are and encourage them to at least have you photograph their work in the event they want to do prints in the future.”

Pat Coates, Artist - www.PatCoatesArt.com

“I am very happy that I am finally having prints made of my pastel paintings. I particularly appreciate your color matching abilities, which are superb. And you can even see the little pieces of pastel in the print! Your service are timely and very cost-effective and I’m very pleased with the product.”

Jean Hirons, Artist and Instructor - www.jeanhirons.com

“As an artist, Debra Halprin has a critical eye and a perfectionist approach to her work. She does a wonderful job at not only photographing art work, but color matching and producing beautiful giclée prints. It’s so nice to get my giclées in a timely manner. I appreciate her strong work ethic and professional attitude. You might even get offered a cup of coffee or glass of wine when visiting her studio, depending on the time of day! She’s the best!!"

Pam Gordimer, Artist, Instructor - www.pamelagordimergallery.com

“I think the work you are doing is outstanding and your prices are perfect.”

Glen Kessler,Artist, Instructor and Founder of Compass Atelier - www.GlenKessler.com - www.TheCompassAtelier.com

“I just wanted to thank you for your consistently fine work and availability. You have such a great work ethic and professionalism. I feel fortunate to have you so close by.”

Sue Moses, Artist - moseswatercolors.weebly.com

“I have had several giclée prints made by Debra over the past three years and have always been pleased with the results.  She will prepare different versions for comparison.  Colors have been accurate. Photography is excellent. Choice of heavy paper or canvas for print. Cost is reasonable.”

Ken Bachman, Artist - www.KBachmanArt.com

“I’ve been working with Debra for several years, and I am thrilled with the photos and giclée prints she has made of my paintings. Her work is consistently high quality and customers have commented on the likeness of the prints to the original paintings. When artist friends have remarked on the quality of my prints I’ve referred them to Debbie and will continue to do so.”

Karen Merkin, Artist - www.karenmerkin.com

“Thank you for the beautiful prints of my artwork.  I am so pleased with the high quality work and your price.  Thank you for being there when I need your guidance.”

Angela Lacy, Artist - www.Angelalacyart.com

"I trust Debra to give me the truest possible giclée reproduction.  She's simply the best hands down."

Sarna Marcus, Artist - www.SarnaMarcus.com

 “It is so important that prints and web images match how the artist perceives their own work. Debra worked closely with me to get the desired results. As an artist and juror herself, I felt she truly 'got' my work, and had a sense of how the viewer or competition judge may see it. She did an amazing job making me images that I felt confident in submitting to competitions and displaying on my website. Not to mention the quality of prints that results from such care.”

Lis Zadravec, Artist, Instructor - www.LisArts.com

“My prints are created by "A Work Of Art by Debra Halprin ". They are high quality and accurate to the original work.  Debra takes great care with my work and offers a superior product.  A Work of art makes proofs, prints and gives me a digital copy for my use.  This company has professional equipment and quality services.  Once the digital proof is approved, prints are meticulously perfected and can be ready on demand. Debra always satisfies my printmaking needs.” 

James Vissari, Artist, Instructor - Jamesvissari.weebly.com

"Your professionalism and instincts are very much appreciated. You helped me make some key decisions about cropping and color adjustment that improved on the original. All this for some of the best pricing in the region. Thank you."

Rae Hamilton, Artist - www.raehamilton.com

“Debra, I want to express again my great appreciation for all of the very fine printing you’ve done for me over the years.  You are a pleasure to deal with, extremely responsive and professional – but that wouldn’t count for much if your work were not also stellar.  You’re my ‘go to’ printer and I am always delighted to recommend you to folks needing a great printer.  Thanks again for all of your help!”

Maureen Ward, Artist, Instructor - www.MaureenWard.com

“The very best person to scan your art. The professional watercolor artists in the Washington DC region love the work Deb Halprin does. I cannot be more impressed with her eye for color and value and work ethic to get subtleties....I fly from Louisiana with my watercolors to work with her to make prints.”

Judy Hanks, Artist - Judyhanksdesign@gmail.com

“I sincerely wish to thank you for your marvelous help with the Prints! I don’t know what I would have done without your Help – I just can’t thank you enough!” “The prints were perfect!!” “I SO wish I had come to you first! Your work is AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH! (And I rarely use all caps!)"

Kris Mobley, Artist - www.graywhitegraphite.com

“Debra has done numerous giclée prints for me in the past.  I've had a few important projects that required making prints to accompany original paintings for exhibits abroad. Debra did a superb job of color matching the prints to the originals. She has not only an astute eye for detail and color, but is extremely agreeable to work with, offers very competitive prices and does her utmost to accommodate her client's needs. I would highly recommend Debra to anyone seeking a professional who adheres to the highest standards.”

Linda Greigg, Artist - lind.mari.25@gmail.com

Contact the artist at : debra@halprinart.com or Call: 301-910-4750 Located in Rockville, MD

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